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South Georgia Anodizing is committed to providing quality anodizing services that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Our Brand New Facility Offers:

Huge 36’ tanks that can anodize material up to 32’

In-house saw to cut parts to length 

Custom racking with in-house rack shop


Available Finishes

Clear Anodizing:

201-R1 (Decorative clear anodize with minimum thickness of 0.2 mil)

202-R1 (Decorative clear anodize with minimum thickness of 0.3 mil)

204-R1 (Class 2 clear anodize with minimum thickness of 0.4 mil)

215-R1 (Class 1 clear anodize with minimum thickness of 0.7 mil)


Black dye (class 1 and class 2)

II Step Electrolytic Color

Champagne Bronze

Medium Bronze

Dark Bronze



Other Services:

Fabrication services are available to see your project through to completion

CNC Milling Machines (10-12 ft)

4-axis CNC Milling Machine

Vertical CNC Mills

CNC Robodrill Mill for small parts

5-Axis CNC Milling Machines to handle parts up to 30 feet

Automatic Saws- Straight and Mitre cut

Punch Presses

Bending Machines

Aluminum Welding (MIG and TIG)


South Georgia Anodizing Uses an Electrolytic Two Step Process to Enhance Our Capabilities

Two Step Process Guarantees Quality

The typical anodizing employed in the architectural industry is called "two-step electrolytic.” The actual anodizing and coloring of the aluminum occurs in separate steps of the process. The anodizing step takes place in a tank that contains a solution of sulfuric acid and water. The tank is charged with electrical current, and aluminum oxide is formed on the surface of the aluminum.
After anodizing is complete, the parts can be immersed in an optional coloring tank, to achieve bronze or black tones instead of the standard clear or silver finish. In the coloring tank, the anodized aluminum is immersed in a bath containing an inorganic metal such as tin, cobalt or nickel, which are deposited in the anodic pores by means of electrolytic current. The amount of time the part is immersed will determine the color achieved.
Darker colors are created by extending the immersion time and increasing metal deposition in the anodizing process. The colors typically seen on architectural products range from champagne to dark bronze and black.

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